The old saying you are what you eat still relevant today. I would like to share with you an important study published in nature communication that could be beneficial to you, especially in the prevention of colon cancer. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally and accounted for 8.8 million death in 2015. What that means is that, globally, nearly 1 in 6 deaths is due to cancer. Colon cancer is the fourth most common cause of death from cancer worldwide. It accounts for over 600 000 deaths per year.

The rate of colon cancer was observed to be higher among African American than in rural African. These two population groups have different dietary habits. African American foods are high in animal protein and fat and low in fibre whilst those rural African are rich in fibre and low in fat. Therefore, in the research that am sharing with you, food exchange in subject of same population were performed over a period of two weeks. African American were fed with high fibre, low fat African-style and rural Africans were fed with high fat, low fibre western-style diet, under close supervision and the result was amazing. In comparison with their usual diet, food changes resulted in remarkable reciprocal change of mucosal biomarker of cancer risk. Changes in colonic mucosa and colonic microbial metabolism were observed after a diet switch, thus demonstrating the important role of microbes living in our gut. According to this report “Africanization’ of the diet increased total quantities of butyrate in colonic evacuates 2.5 times, whereas ‘westernization’ reduced quantities by half”  To read more on this study, please click the link

In conclusion, this study yet demonstrated again the importance of high-rich fibre diets in preventing colon cancer and the role that the gut microbes play to this effect. The nutrition transition experience by Africans is of serious concerns as changing in dietary habit could exacerbated the occurrence of chronic disease such as cancer. The good news is that, according to WHO 30-50% of cancer death could be prevented by modifying or avoiding risk factors including maintaining a healthy body and regular physical exercise. If we must reverse life style disease such as cancer and diabetes, we must find ways to preserve the richness of traditional African foods. It is urgent that we finding way to bring these traditional foods to the main stream of fast foods. The preventive effect of traditional foods is numerous, especially in preserving the diversity of gut bacteria. By providing our microbes with the right fuel through better food choices, we could reverse the trend of chronic diseases affecting our society.

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