You may want to ask why I am talking about microbes approach to our nutrition and health solution.  I want you to take a moment to think and reflect with me. There are many health education programmes and you  and followed some proposed principles or strategies to lose weight and regain control of your health. Did you ask yourself why, despite what people do, many still find it difficult to lose weight? More people are becoming overweight and obese and lifestyle diseases such as diabetics and cancer are on the rise. For instance, hypertension and associated cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in developing countries. Perhaps we are missing something in the current nutrition  and health messages. Recent scientific studies are consistently showing the link between the quality of our gut microbes and overall health. These research were made possible through technological advances which enable the study of human microbiome and how the microbiota could be shaped by diet. Microbiota simply refer to the collection of organism living in particular environment whilst microbiome refer to gene collection in a particular host. Outcome of most recent studies are strongly suggesting that microbes could be important to human health and diseases. That is why I have decided to focus on the possible missing link, a health message from microbial perspective.

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